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Only $9.95

Aliens in Our Midst

Friends in Strange Places

Quilters Speak a Different Language

Alien Wisdom

Caution: Quilting is Addictive

Stash Is a Process, Not an Event

Beware of the Fat Quarter Sale

Fabric is Addictive Too

A Quilt's Not Finished Until Some Blood's

Been Spilled on It

Tools Don't Matter

Tools Rule

Amish Wisdom

You Will Not Be Punished For Your Mistakes

It's Fabric, Not Fashion

I Never Knew 1/16th Inch Was So Big

Rectangularly Challenged

Nothing a Man on a Galloping Horse Would Notice

Patience: It's Not Just a Virtue, It's Essential

More Friends

The $8000 Seminar

Buta-Pest and Other Strange Diseases

The Fun in FrUstratioN

Good Enough

Even More Friends

Quilters Rule

Men in Trucks

Ploops, Droops, Volcanoes and Other Alien Things

Quilting Might Just Make You Crazy

Whatever You Like, Do That

Renewed Perspective

Alien Attitude

Teasing, Squeezing and Stretching the Brain

The Guild

Quilting Isn't a Hobby, It's the School of Life

Send Off Your UFOs

Alien Transformation


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