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“Quilters are aliens. I can say that now because I’m one too. But it wasn’t always that way…”
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Do you remember when you were learning to quilt? The language, the customs, the process: they weren’t just foreign, they were Alien. Laugh until your sides hurt as you reminisce about the journey to becoming a quilter.

Funny, entertaining, witty, and wise, Quilting With Aliens by Lisa-Marie Sanders is a book about laughter, love and learning to quilt. Told with wit and warmth, the book discusses fabric, friendships, tools, Quilters’ wisdom and much more. Each chapter is fun, insightful and easy to read.

Whether a new or an experienced quilter, you’ll find joy and humor in these pages. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or for your “alien” friends.

“Laugh out loud funny!” —Anna Reeves

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